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Intuit Sync Manager is not set up to sync any files

No company files are listed in Intuit Sync Manager.

Why this is happening

You might not be seeing your company file listed in Intuit Sync Manager for any of several reasons:

  • Your company file is not signed up with Intuit online services.
  • You have moved your company file to a new computer.
  • You may have deleted the Sync Manager’s storage by accident.
  • You may have removed your file from syncing using the option Remove file from syncing.
  • You are not logged in as the same Windows user who set up the file for sync.
How to fix it

Intuit recommends 3 solutions for this problem. The first solution may solve your problem, or you may need to try all 3 to resolve the issue. For best results, perform the solutions in the order shown.

Make sure you have the latest Sync Manager Update.

Solution 1: Set up your company file to sync with Intuit Online Services

Note: If you have not uploaded your QuickBooks company file for use with any of the Intuit Workplace applications, use this solution to do so. If the data file has already been set up with Intuit Sync Manager, skip to solution 2.

Solution 2: Sign in with the correct Windows user account 

  1. Close QuickBooks and restart your computer.
  2. Sign in to Windows using the user account used to set up the company file for sync.

If you still experience the problem, try solution 3.

Solution 3: Reset Intuit Sync Manager

If you have moved your company file to this computer from another one, use the Reset Data Sync option to set up this company file to sync from the current computer, as described here. In that case, be sure to also disable sync for this file on the first computer.

  1. Disable Intuit Sync Manager on all other computers
  2. Reset Intuit Sync Manager on the computer you want to sync your company file from

Sync Manager stores its data in the following location:

  • Windows 8, 7 or Vista: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Intuit\SyncManager

Note: This directory could be hidden, depending on your folder settings. If you have trouble finding the file, follow these instructions.

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