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Intuit Sync Manager is not set up to sync any files

When you open Intuit Sync Manager, you do not see your company files for sync or you may be seeing a message that says:

Why is this happening

There are several reasons you might not be seeing your company file listed in Intuit Sync Manager:  

  • Your company file is not signed up with Intuit online services.
  • You have moved your company file to a new computer.
  • You may have deleted the Sync Manager’s storage by accident.
  • You may have removed your file from syncing using the option Remove file from syncing.
  • You are not logged in as the same Windows user who set up the file for sync.
How to fix it

For best results, perform the steps and solutions in the order shown.

KB ID# SLN41652
10/27/2016 11:37:28 AM
PPRDQSSWS407 9138 Pro 2017 24386f